Alliance Ship Service

Safeguarding the structures. Improve their efficency and extend their life.
A Worldwide Specific Care Service.

Our services

Heavy Steelworks

Structural Carpentry:
• Bulkhead cutting and welding
• Internal Storage Tanks Welding
• Trunk intake

HVAC Systems Maintenance

Replacement and Maintenance:
• A.T.U. (Air Treatment Unit)
• Cooling Coil
• Re-Heating Coil
• Regoterm
• Electrical Motors
• Bearings

Custom Made Fire Screen Doors and Fire Dampers

• F.S.D and Fire Dampers
• Solas & MED approved

General Electrics System and Network

Service General Electrics:
• Lighting systems/Dimmer panels
• Fire detection and Prevention Systems
• Cable installations • UPS systems
• Power Distribution
- Network:
• Telephone exchanges
• LAN/WiFi systems
• Copper and Fiber terminations
• Cabinets
• CCTV systems

Machinery Overhaul & Servicing

• Main DG’s 4 stroke/2 stroke
• Auxiliaries

Piping Systems Maintenance

• Piping Maintenance on H.F.O. – L.O. – S.W. – F.W. B.W. – G.W. – STEAM H.T. & L.T. Systems
• Fiber Glass/Armaflex Insulation
• Pipes Coating Treatment

Pumps Maintenance

Pumps: • Centrifugal/Screw/Piston/Gear/Lobe

Coolers Maintenance

Coolers Cleaning and Assembling

Guest Area Service

We provide turnkey solution for Guest Areas & Open Decks Areas. Stuctural repairs such as:
• Teak Deck refurbishment;
• Balcony refurbishment
• Stairs structure repair;
• Tiles replacement/Anti-slip treatment;
• Food Service Line refurbishment;
• Public Restrooms refurbishment;

Galleys/Catering Area Service

• Food Service Lines Refurbishment
• Galley Areas stainless steel repairs, USPH compliance repairs
• Galleys Equipment replacement (Dish-pot washers, Grills, Ice Dispensers Tilting Pans, Fryers)
• Hood Canopy Installation.

Laundry managment and Service

Operation at work


Painting Ship and Yacht:
• outdoor
• indoor



Sealing and Structure Maintenance

The marine environment is known as one of the most aggressive places regarding corrosion and oxidation on metals.

Our goal is to avoid structural deterioration that compromises the quality and durability of glazing, doors and windows.

Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve the Customer satisfaction and guarantee always the top quality works carried out on board by our certified technician.

Each client’s and shipowner’s need is transformed into personalized solutions and each project is performed in compliance with marine industry standards.


We deliver turnkey project managment solutions for any kind of repair or maintenance on cruise ship both in operation and dry-dock.


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