Fire Screen Doors are part of passive fire protection systems onboard ships, used to insulate areas where a fire has developed. They have local and centralized automatic closing systems, Fire Screen Doors must have special structural characteristics and keep them over time; the correct connection between frame and ship structure is also paramount.

The mechanical and thermal stresses to be sustained require accurate design and performance verification, not to be compromised, requires exact procedures, highly skilled personnel at installation, and periodical audits. Strict international regulations regulate the performances to guarantee in emergencies; panic-tilting-bar, push-bar or touch-bar type, hinges, and access management control devices must comply with strict safety standards.

A fire damper is critical to prevent a fire from spreading within the A/C ducts and ventilation systems onboard ships. These units are installed on the fire compartment structural boundaries – decks and bulkheads – to avoid propagation to neighboring zones’. General Features: Available in stainless steel A316L or galvanized steel.• Flanges with standard or custom drilling pattern.• Operation by an electric motor gearbox.• Available width of flange, 30mm or 50mm